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 We stock a wide variety of  Local Craft & Premium Beers/Ales/Stouts.

Local Craft Beer/Stout/Ales


California Common is an ale/lager hybrid, it has a clean lager taste, malty backbone with plenty of happy bite.


This is bitter, hoppy & chocolatey with an edge of citrus. Porter is traditionally well-hopped in order to survive the trip to India for the workers & troops, Porter pays homage to this tradition.

FARMAGEDDON GOLD PALE ALE Alc 4.25% vol 500ml.

The GPA is golden, light bodied & dry with a burst of tropical fruity hop punch. The beer is to tempt lager drinkers & to give a sessionable IPA option to the hopheads.


Inspired by the American West Coast IPA tradition. They like their IPA to be dry & hop forward, bursting with pine, resin & citrus flavours with just a touch of caramel sweetness from the malt.

FARMAGEDDON MOSAIC IPA Alc 6.3% vol 500ml.

Mosaic IPA is light bodied, straw coloured & dry IPA. The grain bill leaves nowhere for the essence of the hop to hide. Expect tropical fruit, resinous pine backed up with lasting bitterness.

FARMAGEDDON WHITE IPA Alc 3.8% vol 500ml.

A white IPA gets its name from combining wheat malt with copious amounts of oats. the 'C' hops give it fiesty while grapefruit bitterness. This beer has a lower alcohol content so a good choice for a session!

FARMAGEDDON WOLF Alc 6.3% vol 500ml.

We have sourced a new hop breeding programme, in keeping with our style, the majority of the hops were added late in the boil & in a massive dry hop to bring out the full flavour of the Wolf. Expect the ripe tropical fruit flavours with a herbaceous edge.

FULCRUM Alc 4.5% vol 500ml.

Fulcrum is a crafted wheat beer that strikes the optimum balance between crisp depth of taste & dry satisfying refreshment.

McGRATHS No 1 IRISH RED ALE Alc 4.3% vol 500ml.

A medium bodied traditional ale, combining the caramel sweetness of the malts with toasted biscuit notes.

McGRATHS No 2 IRISH PALE ALE Alc 4.4% vol 500ml.

A refreshing pale ale, bursting with flavour! Biscuit notes from the rich malts compliment the grapefruit bitterness of the hops, balanced with an infusion of citrus & floral aromas, finishing crisp, clean & dry on the palate.

McGRATHS No 3 IRISH WHITE ALE Alc 4.9% vol 500ml.

A refreshing wheat beer, complex flavours from the wheat & barley malts, infused with generous additions of spicy coriander & curaco orange peel, complimented with a light bitterness from the hops & a crisp, citrus finishe on the palate.

McGRATHS No 4 IRISH BLACK STOUT Alc 4.3% vol 500ml.

Handcrafted traditional irish dry stout combining rich roasted malts with hints of chocolate, coffee & dark fruit, balanced carefully by the earthy hops. Smooth on the palate with a lingering dry finish.

McGRATHS No 5 IRISH BLONDE ALE Alc 4.5% vol 500ml.

This refreshing blonde ale strikes a perfect balance between the subtle sweetness of the malts, the wonderful zesty citrus aroma from the hops & the crisp dry finish on the palate.

McGRATHS No 6 IRISH AMBER ALE Alc 5.2% vol 500ml.

A rich malty body, embraced with smooth caramel undertones embellished with citrus & spice. The hop aroma exudes boldness with floral spice, complimented by a slight sweetness on the finish.